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Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

Friday morning, I went into withdrawal. I take nine medications daily. Funny enough, if you can find humor in having a pill case at 27 which of course I do, none of the medications are for fibromyalgia. After years of trying combinations of different medications (from mood stabilizers, anti-seizure meds, anti-inflammatories), including all the ones… Continue reading Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

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Mothers/Submission for "Personal Essay Clinic: Writing about About Family" Class

Everyone I know is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Well, everyone except me. The other day I felt like a hostage as I sat around with moms discussing daycare options over lunch. During my regular Target shopping spree, I became harried going through racks of baby clothes as I searched for a gift for… Continue reading Mothers/Submission for "Personal Essay Clinic: Writing about About Family" Class

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Portrait of an artist

Hubbie’s cousin is a Radio City Rockette. And last night, she almost became my creative guru. If it were up to her, I’d be giving art lessons, painting and writing up a storm…oh, and taking some risks. I am not a risk taker. I have never had enough stability in my life to be willing… Continue reading Portrait of an artist

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It’s in his kiss

Before Hubbie and I got hitched, our rabbi had us read a book by Maurice Lamm, The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage. I had already read books on taharat mispacha, the Jewish laws of family purity, and the laws and the mindset behind tzniut, the laws of modesty, and shomer negia, observing the rules… Continue reading It’s in his kiss

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When Dominicans Haggle…

I didn’t grow up hearing many stereotypes about Jews, I just knew that we (Dominicans) didn’t like them. The focus was more on the fact that Jews didn’t believe in Jesus and therefore, wouldn’t be saved. No Jesus, no free pass to heaven. At least, that was more of the focus than say the stereotype… Continue reading When Dominicans Haggle…

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Update on Publisher

Okay, I have fallen behind on blogging. That’s because I’ve been busy. Busy, you say? First things, first here are a couple of tititaling tidbits from the last couple of days. I finally finished the book the publisher, who’s interested in publishing a memoir of my conversion, sent me. If you haven’t been keeping track,… Continue reading Update on Publisher

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Fat and frustrated

As I sit here slouched over my computer, I can feel my lovehandles falling over my longjohns and worse, my tummy is sticking out. Ew. I’ve gained 10lbs since I went to LA. Laziness, a side effect of fibromyalgia. I feel like crap but then if you ran around all day, didn’t eat very much,… Continue reading Fat and frustrated

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Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the short story. The contest deadline is January 25th so I hope to have a finished piece out then to the Bronx Council of Arts. In other news: Binny Freedman, director of Isralight, spoke at KJ, where we went for Shabbat. I miss the UES. He gave… Continue reading Lost

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Just one of those days

Oy, another deadline missed. I mean, if I can’t make a self-imposed deadline…! My husband is grumpy. It’s 12:22am and he wants me to come to bed. Something about me being a workaholic. Lots of guilt, etc. I woke up this morning and ran to the post office, then the bank and then off to… Continue reading Just one of those days

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High School Reunion

Well, I missed writing my daily blog post yesterday. My bad. Shabbos was a blur of reading People (thanks to my mother-in-law) and Entertainment Weekly. Kudos to Nicole Kidman’s gestating Aussie spawn and um, poor Britney needs more than Dr. Phil to help her out of this one. Last night, we watched Paprika, an anime… Continue reading High School Reunion