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The Short History of a Fan Girl

Confession: I am a total fan girl. I love books. I love movies. I love TV. I love myself some stories. And I really love the good ones. As a kid in an abusive home, I also really needed the escape that came from being able to visit a world outside my own. It helped… Continue reading The Short History of a Fan Girl

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Another head covering eaten by my afro. Yes, dear, I owe you a blog post. There have been many recent developments I’d like to share. Unfortunately, none of them mean coming back to blogging full-time as I am still trying to recover from the downturn in my health since April 2010. But there’s plenty of… Continue reading I.O.U.

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Oooh, my precious!

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m slightly obsessed with it even though when someone gave me a gold “Aliza” pendant, I sort of freaked and had a flashback to my ghetto childhood. All the “cool” girls who used to rag on me wore their shiny little MEAN GIRL names around their… Continue reading Oooh, my precious!

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No, really, I can spell!

When I started to “become religious” (as in Jewish), I stopped writing God and started substituting that with G-d instead. And no, not because of any mispeling vyrus I caught from reading too many Thursday Next novels in quick succession. Many of my friends as you can imagine were perplexed, especially since I was an English… Continue reading No, really, I can spell!

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Take a Chill Pill! It’s Shabbat!

I am a workaholic. I think I inherited this from my father, who is a workaholic, but also it stems from the fact that my mother was on welfare most of my childhood and I was deeply ashamed of it. Though in our area of Washington Heights, just about everyone was getting some kind of… Continue reading Take a Chill Pill! It’s Shabbat!

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March Health Update: It’s Always Sunn(ier) in California

February was hard especially after a January that was a bit easier even if I couldn’t pick up the phone and wish everyone I’d hoped a “Happy New Year.” One relative (no Jewish guilt there) said she thought I was dead after it took me two months to return her New Year’s message. Okay, not… Continue reading March Health Update: It’s Always Sunn(ier) in California

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Hey, hey, hey from LA!

Hey from LA! Wow, I’ve really been getting a lot of email lately from new readers and fans! Thank you for sharing so many of your amazing stories with me! I hope that people can be patient awaiting my responses. I am no longer responding to every email but I do read all of them… Continue reading Hey, hey, hey from LA!

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We’re As Jewish As It Gets

Akira Ohiso with his son Simcha at the Jewish Multiracial Retreat 2009 Even out here in my new home in “La-la land” aka Los Angeles…where there is about as much Jewish diversity as you’d find in Israel with Jews of all kinds of color and from all over the world…I still can’t get away from… Continue reading We’re As Jewish As It Gets

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Fan Mail

Dear Fans: I am really thankful to all of you who have sent such wonderful fan letters my way. I am so glad that you’ve found the blog interesting, entertaining and even educational! Unfortunately, there have been so many letters lately that answering them, in my current health condition, has become overwhelming and impossible. I… Continue reading Fan Mail


Periodic "Outages"

Hi, dear readers. Thank you for all the emails you’ve been sending to check up on me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to all of them, especially to those of you who have been expecting a response for months now. Periodically over the next few weeks, the blog will be open or closed to readers.… Continue reading Periodic "Outages"