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The Short History of a Fan Girl

Confession: I am a total fan girl. I love books. I love movies. I love TV. I love myself some stories. And I really love the good ones. As a kid in an abusive home, I also really needed the escape that came from being able to visit a world outside my own. It helped… Continue reading The Short History of a Fan Girl

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The Big Bang Theory & Judaism

More than once, a friend has confused me for someone who believes in Creationism. They see me as an Orthodox Jew and therefore, as a “fundamentalist” and so, of course, they figure I must believe in Creationism like some of the Christians they’ve heard of and fear. As non-Jews or even secular Jews, they can’t… Continue reading The Big Bang Theory & Judaism

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Are you a Member of the Tribe?

I must confess, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I heard the term M.O.T., as in member of the tribe. But then the person who asked if the guy I was telling him about was an MOT, probably had never heard of JOCs, as in Jews of color. I’ll never know. I didn’t ask when… Continue reading Are you a Member of the Tribe?

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Joker before Heath Ledger

Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of the most twisted, shocking, disturbing graphic novels I’ve ever read. But haunting, thought-provoking and stunning nonetheless. A side of the Joker few have ever seen and many won’t want to see. Oh and Batman rocks as much as ever. This… Continue reading Joker before Heath Ledger

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Sesame Street Says "I love my hair!"

Oh the years of heartache I could have saved myself if I had seen this video as a child!

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TV That Looks Like ME!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like TV show, Undercovers follows a black couple getting back into the CIA spy game after retiring five years earlier to have “a normal life” and run a catering business. I can’t remember the last time I saw a show on Network TV that had not one but two people… Continue reading TV That Looks Like ME!

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I didn’t know you were Jewish!

Should be sleeping but instead rewatching episode 1 of Dexter Season 1 while juggling any and every task that can be completed late at night around the house…which is quite a lot of them, you’d be surprised! In episode 1, Sgt. James Doakes, an African-American police detective who later uncovers that Dexter (who has always… Continue reading I didn’t know you were Jewish!