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Jewtina on Parenthood

The latest show I’ve added to my Hulu queue is “Parenthood” and when I caught that one of the actress’s names was Sarah Ramos, I decided to do some sleuthing. No surprise, with a name like Sarah Ramos that the actress is a Jewish Latina raised in Los Angeles!

Freddie Prinze, Jr.

plus Sarah Michelle (Gellar) Prinze

=Jewtina baby, Charlotte Grace

And of course, Freddie Prinze, Jr. is making his Keanu face on “24” every week. Prinze is of Jewish and Puerto Rican descent and is married to Jewess Sarah Michelle Prinze (formerly Gellar, formerly kicking vampire butt on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).

Also, is it too much to ask that now that “Ugly Betty” (now I have something to watch all summer on DVD) is going off the air and TV is in dire need of some Hispanic people that perhaps they make a nice little show about some Dominican Jews? Take a little pinch of Carla from “Scrubs” and add a dash of Natalie Portman and call it a day.

Now, why did I ever turn down that job at Entertainment Weekly? Oh yeah, I was busy kidnapping my sister.

3 thoughts on “Jewtina on Parenthood

  1. Jr. is not Jewish.

    His father, comedian Freddie Prinze, who committed suicide at 22, was of Puerto Rican (mother) and Hungarian Jewish and Lutheran(father) descent called himself “Hunga Rican.” He grew up in Washington Heights like I did. I imagine he probably would have approved of me calling myself “Jewminicana.”

    “Parenthood” is very funny and moving. I think it is growing up nicely.


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