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Get matched & help a family in Puerto Rico

It might surprise some of you that this self-described Jewminicana actually has a Puerto Rican great-grandfather. I am 7/8 Dominican and 1/8 Puerto Rican. My great-grandfather Demetrio Marrero-Vasquez (pictured below with me in his lap) was a Boricua through and through. I am often asked by people, both Dominican and not, who wonder aloud that… Continue reading Get matched & help a family in Puerto Rico

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Another head covering eaten by my afro. Yes, dear, I owe you a blog post. There have been many recent developments I’d like to share. Unfortunately, none of them mean coming back to blogging full-time as I am still trying to recover from the downturn in my health since April 2010. But there’s plenty of… Continue reading I.O.U.

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The Big Bang Theory & Judaism

More than once, a friend has confused me for someone who believes in Creationism. They see me as an Orthodox Jew and therefore, as a “fundamentalist” and so, of course, they figure I must believe in Creationism like some of the Christians they’ve heard of and fear. As non-Jews or even secular Jews, they can’t… Continue reading The Big Bang Theory & Judaism

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My friend Hadassah, who is an awesome daily blogger, just wrote a post defending converts and their right to privacy. Please visit the post, it’s called “Conversion is Private” and please weigh in with your personal thoughts. Especially if you agree or disagree! In my responses, I mentioned Jews of color, including converts of color,… Continue reading CONVERSION IS PRIVATE!!!!

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To Those Who Judge Unfavorably…I am NOT a Piñata!

This Rosh Hashanah, I was accused of un-Rebbetzin-like behavior by a stranger who didn’t even know me, who didn’t even talk to me, at a local minyan I attended. I don’t know this person. I don’t know this person’s name or anything about him or her other than the casually uttered harsh words this person… Continue reading To Those Who Judge Unfavorably…I am NOT a Piñata!

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My Jewish Community Heroes

Hope you had a great Rosh Hashana and are gearing up for Yom Kippur this upcoming Shabbos. Ug, I hate when Yom Kippur falls on Shabbos but after all the food I had over Rosh Hashana, which this year fell so close to Shabbos it created a 3-day yom tov, I think I’ll be fine!… Continue reading My Jewish Community Heroes

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Get in the Rosh Hashanah Spirit!

Rosh Hashana Plush Set from Brochin’s The Jewish new year is upon us again! Boy, in some ways that went by really fast and in other ways…painfully slow. I can’t believe Rosh Hashanah is back though already and I’m hoping, as always, that next year will be better than the last. Rosh Hashanah starts tonight… Continue reading Get in the Rosh Hashanah Spirit!