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Get matched & help a family in Puerto Rico


It might surprise some of you that this self-described Jewminicana actually has a Puerto Rican great-grandfather. I am 7/8 Dominican and 1/8 Puerto Rican. My great-grandfather Demetrio Marrero-Vasquez (pictured below with me in his lap) was a Boricua through and through. I am often asked by people, both Dominican and not, who wonder aloud that I’m a bit too light-skinned for a Dominican whether or not I’m actually really Puerto Rican but my bisabuelo was actually of Afro-Puerto Rican descent so I have my European ancestors and throwback genes to thank for any deficiencies in melanin. 🙂

Most people don’t know that Puerto Rico has the largest Jewish community in the Caribbean. Chabad of Puerto Rico has been rallying to support those in need both in the Jewish community and outside of it. And Latino celebrities, including notable Puerto Ricans like Hamilton and In The Heights’ Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jane the Virgins Gina Rodriguez as well as recording artists Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez, and Luis Fonsi, have been reminding people that Puerto Rico needs everyone’s help!

Get matched with an individual family in Puerto Rico who needs help!

Through the Jewish grapevine, I was connected to the wonderful Amy Tarshis (aka ChanaLeiba Emmet) who is connecting people outside PR who can and want to help individual families in need in Puerto Rico. She has compiled a list of 300 families who need help now.

When you contact her, Amy will give you the name and address of a family and it’s recommended you send the items in medium-sized self-sealing flat-rate boxes. She will also give you a list of suggested items.

You can email her at or contact her on Facebook.


From left to right: Me in my great-grandfather Demetrio “Panano” Marerro-Vasquez’s lap, my mother and younger sister and Demetrio’s sister, great-grandaunt Dolores.

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