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The Big Bang Theory & Judaism

More than once, a friend has confused me for someone who believes in Creationism. They see me as an Orthodox Jew and therefore, as a “fundamentalist” and so, of course, they figure I must believe in Creationism like some of the Christians they’ve heard of and fear.

As non-Jews or even secular Jews, they can’t distinguish between different kinds of Orthodox Jew and the term Modern Orthodox Jew sounds like an oxymoron to them. So, I’ve found myself, again and again, explaining my beliefs and those of my friends.

While I cannot deny that I have met some very right-wing Orthodox Jews who believe in Creationism, I am not among them. In fact, even some of those Orthodox Jews felt challenged by having to choose Creationism  because people in their communities considered anything else heresy and even banned books on the Big Bang Theory. I imagine there are Christians in similar communities who feel the same.

Check out this cool video that elaborates more on why Science ISN’T versus Religion in this area. It stars actress, Dr. Mayim Bialik, formerly of the ’90’s TV show Blossom and currently a character on the TV show The Big Bang Theory, and Alison Josephs of Jew In The City.

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Genesis & The Big Bang Theory with physicist Dr. Gerald Shroeder. He is an Orthodox Jew.

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