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Are you a Member of the Tribe?

I must confess, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I heard the term M.O.T., as in member of the tribe. But then the person who asked if the guy I was telling him about was an MOT, probably had never heard of JOCs, as in Jews of color. I’ll never know. I didn’t ask when… Continue reading Are you a Member of the Tribe?

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TV That Looks Like ME!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like TV show, Undercovers follows a black couple getting back into the CIA spy game after retiring five years earlier to have “a normal life” and run a catering business. I can’t remember the last time I saw a show on Network TV that had not one but two people… Continue reading TV That Looks Like ME!

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Black Just Like Them

According to some people being Jewish now means that I’m no longer Hispanic (I’ve gotten this one from Jews and non-Jewish Latinos alike) and according to some people being Hispanic means I can never really be Jewish (I’ve gotten this one mostly from Jews). Some people surveying my situation have noted that as a Jewminicana,… Continue reading Black Just Like Them

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G-dcast Spins Chanukah! from More Torah cartoons at Fire up that third candle! I hope Jennifer Connelly never heard this next one. Gross and sexist, much? Mr. Sandler! Tom Cruise isn’t but Jesus Christ is…whoa?

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Obama’s First Anniversary Celebration

Obama has (almost) survived his first year in office unscathed—the anniversary of his election was Nov. 4–and how better to celebrate that than a bunch of juicy articles on racism….you know, that crisis, the mini-daily civil wars, most people thought he’d solve (before healthcare, before wars in distant lands) by entering the oval office. Do… Continue reading Obama’s First Anniversary Celebration

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Young Jews

Don’t let the title of this CNN article fool you, it’s not about conversion. In fact, very little in “‘New Jews’ stake claim to faith, culture” applies to converts. The article is a “too-cool-for-school” look at young Jews and how they’re taking back their Judaism. But while reading it, mostly, I thought…Y-A-W-N. Every couple of… Continue reading Young Jews

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Jesus Who?

These comments on my guest post on the Frum Satire blog, “Living Life from Under My Jewfro”, caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you: (They have been slightly edited.) Funny story #1: “Hahahah, I get the Jesus question all the time!!! I recently had a [conversation] with an Asian Christian friend… Continue reading Jesus Who?