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Mini Health Update from LA

Greetings! After nearly 8 months and thousands of dollars later, I have mostly recovered from the digestive crisis that made me balloon 20 lbs., put me in the emergency room several times with severe abdominal pain and routinely left me vomiting…among other things that would fall under the category of TMI (too much information). It… Continue reading Mini Health Update from LA

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I was only kidding about making a plantain kugel. Really, it was a joke. I mean, I’d never even made a kugel before. This Shabbat, I had planned to make a squash kugel (I didn’t even know what squash was before I was Jewish) but we ate out for both meals (thank you, my cool… Continue reading Oh My G-d…IT EXISTS!

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Leaving Los Angeles

For the second year in a row, my husband and I spent our summer in Los Angeles. Again, my husband was playing the role of rabbinic intern at a local Orthodox congregation, Bnai David Judea, where he, in fact, had his bar mitzvah. And while he was off learning to be a rabbi, everyone wondered… Continue reading Leaving Los Angeles

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Stand-up Comedy Routine #4

Only a couple of more classes left to my Stand-up Comedy class at Santa Monica College. My stand-up comedy teacher wants me to be more conversational and less theatrical when I deliver my bits. My husband said, “Is he asking you to be more white and less Dominican?” Aliza on Stupid Questions I am a… Continue reading Stand-up Comedy Routine #4

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Cultural Confusion

Isn’t it confusing? Won’t it be confusing for your children? People constantly ask me these questions. They think being Dominican, American and Jewish sounds really complicated. Mostly, they’re trying to put a damper on my multicultural mojo. So here I am in Los Angeles for Pesach (Passover) stocking up on yucca and plantains so I… Continue reading Cultural Confusion

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Militant Dominican

Okay, so I’m Dominican but I think my husband is a militant Dominican. What do I mean? I think he’s about force fed everyone in the family some yucca and plantains this Pesach. And no, I didn’t cook any of it. He cooked the stuff himself. It’s all part of his make-sure-wife-doesn’t-starve-without-rice-and-beans plan. Now, if… Continue reading Militant Dominican

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You have to choose!

Having a job where I have no face-to-face human contact means that I tend to over-share when I do. So it’s no surprise that when I went to the allergist today, I quickly started chatting it up with the secretaries. That’s how I roll. “I’m going to be on TV on a Latino show!” I… Continue reading You have to choose!