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Are you reading my husband’s blog?

Sorry, dear readers. I haven’t felt up to writing very much and I find, that amazingly, I have very little to say. My health keeps me much too preoccupied so aside from my little updates on books, articles, TV and film I’m keeping up with, I don’t have much going on. I don’t know if… Continue reading Are you reading my husband’s blog?

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Naked? Not Naked?

Rabbi Marc Angel answers: Is it permissible to study cultures where people traditionally are not dressed according to our standards of modesty e.g. various tribes in Africa, aborigines, peoples of tropical cultures? Like this video? Check out IDEALS: Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals and sign up to receive their amazing print journal, “Conversations”. The website… Continue reading Naked? Not Naked?

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Non-Jewish Latinas Rocking Head Scarves!

“ “Urban Outfitters Finds Frum Inspiration?” talks about how head scarves have suddenly gone hip, even hipster…and not just on the heads of Orthodox women. Now, this head scarf innovation isn’t new. I should note that I’ve seen many non-Jewish women, particularly black women, wrap their locks up in elaborate head scarves. Just walk around… Continue reading Non-Jewish Latinas Rocking Head Scarves!

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Redux: Please don’t…with explanatory links!!!

Thank you for being my friend. Here are some guidelines so that our friendship can be a pleasurable experience for all of us. Please don’t make fun of gay people. Please don’t make fun of black people’s hair. Please don’t tell ask me why I don’t straighten my hair. Please don’t make fun of Mexican… Continue reading Redux: Please don’t…with explanatory links!!!

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Did you get a haircut?

My husband came home and accused me of getting a haircut without telling him. A haircut’s not in our budget this month so it was like being accused of hiding a new little black dress in my closet. Okay, I’ve done it before but I promised I wouldn’t do it again. On a constant basis,… Continue reading Did you get a haircut?

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Time to Go

Sorry, folks, I am packing, not blogging. Today’s our last day in Los Angeles. The weather’s turned on us so it’s time to go back to New York and hike into our winter coats.

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Yom Kippur…Judaism’s Spiritual Bootcamp

Enjoy that Shabbat meal this Friday/Saturday because you’re going to mighty hungry from Sunday night to Monday night when Yom Kippur kicks in. One of the most serious (if not, the most serious) Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur has five big prohibitions that will leave you hungry, dirty, horny, possibly smelly and wearing Crocs outside the… Continue reading Yom Kippur…Judaism’s Spiritual Bootcamp

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New Piece: Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table

Who said adopting a new religion and culture was easy? I sure didn’t. Sometimes, it’s actually quite embarrassing. And by “it,” I mean me! Check out: “Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table”

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Stop in the name of pants!

Meanwhile, over at Frum Satire, Heshy gave my blog some love by reposting my stand-up comedy routine on pants: “I Don’t Wear Pants Anymore”.  But somehow, the comments thread quickly turned into a conversation about whether or not you can be Orthodox and wear pants.  Did people miss the jokes or is it possible that… Continue reading Stop in the name of pants!

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T-Shirt Shopping

Latina Magazine decided to celebrate Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation by selling ‘Wise Latina’ t-shirts rebranding Sotomayor’s controversial words into an empowering message. Proceeds go to the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls. And everyone’s talking about the “Super Jew” T-shirt Seth Rogen donned for the latest Judd Apatow movie, “Funny People.” The proceeds won’t go… Continue reading T-Shirt Shopping