As a former teacher

I had to post this beautiful trailer for the film, “The First Grader.” http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/sites/video/swf/ngplayer_syndicated.swf

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My Fan Letter to Mocha Momma On Being Black (and more I added later)

This is in response to this fantastic post, “On Being Black” that makes me wish all good bloggers got paid! The photo below was taken from Mocha Momma‘s awesome blog. Dear Mocha Momma: (Click there and read her cool bio!)A friend just pointed me to your blog. I guess something about my latest post, told her… Continue reading My Fan Letter to Mocha Momma On Being Black (and more I added later)

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I overdid it, thank G-d!

I definitely overdid it today trying to squeeze in seeing a bunch of friends in one day. OUCH. This morning, I saw my best friend from my teaching days. As it happens, she is the wife of a Presbyterian pastor! Yeah, this is not the beginning of a joke. We have been trying for years… Continue reading I overdid it, thank G-d!

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A Nice White Lady?

Reading about one writer’s responses to watching the movie “Precious”, she mentioned the “nice white lady” trope and I thought, “Huh?” So, the writer, of course, added a video. As a former English teacher in NYC public high schools, I’m not even sure what to say about this video or this “trope.” I laughed but… Continue reading A Nice White Lady?

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Challah Con Platanos

Here’s a very short play I wrote for a “Multicultural Jewish” writing contest. I didn’t win. The ending’s kind of abrupt. It was in my earlier days when I wasn’t writing so much. I was trying to give the readers a good indication of what my Shabbat meals were like. The curtains open to a… Continue reading Challah Con Platanos

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Teen Latinas Considering Suicide

I can remember “wanting to die” when I was five years old. It was the only way I could think of escaping my situation. I was living with a mentally ill mother who was chronically abusive. Sure, we were also living in poverty, in a neighborhood too dangerous for me to play outside where I… Continue reading Teen Latinas Considering Suicide

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New Piece: Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table

Who said adopting a new religion and culture was easy? I sure didn’t. Sometimes, it’s actually quite embarrassing. And by “it,” I mean me! Check out: “Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table”