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We’re As Jewish As It Gets

Akira Ohiso with his son Simcha at the Jewish Multiracial Retreat 2009 Even out here in my new home in “La-la land” aka Los Angeles…where there is about as much Jewish diversity as you’d find in Israel with Jews of all kinds of color and from all over the world…I still can’t get away from… Continue reading We’re As Jewish As It Gets

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Cold Turkey

I know I keep saying I’m going on hiatus, I’m taking a break but something happens and I get sucked back in. I can’t seem to help myself. Literally, can’t seem to HELP myself. When I went on disability in 2006, I told myself I was going to work on my health. Instead, I became… Continue reading Cold Turkey

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My next speaking engagement is at SUNY Rockland

Whew, last night’s speaking engagement in Teaneck, NJ at Temple Emeth was great! Temple Emeth is just plan gorgeous and the people were awesome! It was also great to finally meet a couple of fans of the blog who I’ve been corresponding with for years and to catch up with some Jersey friends who I… Continue reading My next speaking engagement is at SUNY Rockland

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My Imagination or Yours?

No, I must have just imagined that someone asked me if the reason why I was speaking at a Reform synagogue in Teaneck was because none of the Orthodox synagogues would have me. And if so, was I going to bash Orthodoxy to the non-Orthodox? Wow, yes, my imagination is just working overtime…. Nope, wait,… Continue reading My Imagination or Yours?

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Stop trying to get me to use speaking software

You have been warned. I own speaking software. Mostly, it sucks. I type faster than it can keep up. (I type over 100 words per minute.) I even bought a PC, instead of a Mac, because the speaking software was PC-only. AHHHHHHH! Speaking software hurts my face. I use it very sparingly. Personally, being able… Continue reading Stop trying to get me to use speaking software

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Update! This was almost a video blog.

I just finished up getting interviewed and photographed (a two-hour process) for an upcoming piece on fibromyalgia. Can’t wait to see the finished product. As with any interview, there’s that anxiety that some of what you’ve said will be misinterpreted (as happened with my interview on Christmas and conversion with the NY Times). Plus, what… Continue reading Update! This was almost a video blog.

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My First Video Blog

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, that’s actually my fuzzy hair.

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Radio Aliza!

I’ll be speaking on the radio tomorrow (Oct. 20) at 12 noon EST on a show called Public Think Tank on Brooklyn College Radio. If you’d like to listen in, check out the Public Thinktank website for details on how to listen in.

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What are YOU doing this winter?

I’ve never been to Jewish summer camp (but I hear it rocks!). And the most Jewish learning I’ve done at a Jewish school was one summer spent at Pardes and an ultra-Orthodox conversion school in Israel. If I could, I would have already run away for a year (or two, or three) to learn in… Continue reading What are YOU doing this winter?

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Making the News!

Last week, the local paper, The Riverdale Press contacted me for an interview. Somehow, they had stumbled upon my blog. During the really-early-in-the-morning interview, I hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much. Mostly, I didn’t.  Check out: “Blogger chronicles her Catholic past, Jewish present”