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Stop trying to get me to use speaking software

You have been warned.

I own speaking software. Mostly, it sucks. I type faster than it can keep up. (I type over 100 words per minute.) I even bought a PC, instead of a Mac, because the speaking software was PC-only. AHHHHHHH!
Speaking software hurts my face. I use it very sparingly. Personally, being able to chew my food (face) is more important to me than being able to comb my hair (hands).
Remember what I said about making suggestions about things people should do for their health when they haven’t asked you for them. Keep the suggestions to yourself unless someone actually says, “Hey, my hands hurt, is there something you can recommend I use?”
Yes, I know you are trying to be helpful and didn’t realize you had strayed into the territory of being annoying. Yes, I am being defensive. Because if I had a $1 for every time someone told me to get speaking software, I would be a very, very wealthy girl. Can you imagine how tired I am of hearing the words “speaking software”?
Public service announcement from Aliza’s Pained Little Body
P.S. To the kind (no sarcasm) reader who just sent me a comment about “speaking software,” this blog is not personally directed to you. I’ve been meaning to write it for a while and you just reminded me of that fact.
P.P.S. As someone who was diagnosed with carpal tunnel nearly 10 years ago, I have tried things you can’t even imagine…from $300 “ergonomic” keyboards to a mouse you can control with your feet or your forehead.

6 thoughts on “Stop trying to get me to use speaking software

  1. Carpal tunnel:

    At the risk of jamming my entire leg WAY down my throat, have you considered surgery? My wife had carpal tunnel. After suffering for a number of years, she somewhat reluctantly agreed to have surgery. Relief was IMMEDIATE! At least for her.

    Kol Tuv.


  2. Hey, dman, I'll let this one slide. I have family members who have had the surgery. My carpal tunnel, despite all my complaints, is not very severe at all. In fact, the amount of pain I'm in is almost completely due to the fibromyalgia. Fibro isn't operable.

    I have put in an order for a full body transplant but it takes 4-5 weeks to arrive and some people I know are sentimental about this one. 🙂


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