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My First Video Blog

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, that’s actually my fuzzy hair.

6 thoughts on “My First Video Blog

  1. Ahhhhh, I love your hair! Still-photos don't do it justice!!

    I'm seriously debating whether I should give up relaxing my hair…I'm just way too afraid of seriously injuring my career. And I am never ever relaxing the hair of any of the kids I may have in the future.

    Also, I hate when people ask me if I'm Canadian- I don't understand why they think Canadian = white. I mean…isn't a good chunk of our country immigrants in the first place? Presumably those people have children, and I seriously doubt that they'd turn out white just because they were born in Canada, but obviously a lot of people think that way. Because otherwise, there's no way I'd be asked so frequently whether I am Canadian.

    And I could see how someone might mistake you for biracial, but quite frankly it seems awfully rude to be so concerned with labelling you- I presume it's to allow for faster stereotyping or something…Labelling doesn't help anything, since most people fit into a variety of labels.


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