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A clip from Samson Koletkar‘s “Mahatma Moses Comedy Tour” recorded on Aug 11, 2010 at Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club in Sunnyvale, California. When I started attending a Sephardic/Mizrahi shul in Los Angeles and I mentioned to friends that a lot of the congregants were from as far as England, India, Iran, Burma, Iraq, Morocco,… Continue reading REALLY? WAIT, I GOTTA VALIDATE YOUR JUDAISM!

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Another Hairy Day in Los Angeles

Everyone’s been telling me I need to check out this song but I didn’t get a chance until loyal fan, Debbie B. sent me a link. Check out India.Arie’s, “I Am Not My Hair.” Dare I say it…it’s pretty awesome! Ran into someone today from shul where I haven’t been going as much as I’d… Continue reading Another Hairy Day in Los Angeles

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"Do You" and Stuff-Part 1

I know, I know, I still have to tell you how much I loved Limmud! But for a second, I have to rave about all the wonderful Jewish learning experiences I’ve had lately in Riverdale. I love classes. What I miss most about my time on the Upper East Side was the amazing wealth of… Continue reading "Do You" and Stuff-Part 1

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Invisible Disabilities at the Synagogue

After finishing “‘Invisible Disability’ Kids Are Being Left Out”, I cried. It wasn’t the first time I’d read a story like this, about Jewish children with disabilities being pushed to the margins of the community, but every time, I find my heart sags in my chest and all my issues as an adult with invisible… Continue reading Invisible Disabilities at the Synagogue

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Why your free ticket to the High Holidays services isn’t so free…

Read “Services Charges” and learn about how synagogues and their congregants are handling the economic downturn.

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Come on, get happy!

The Happy Minyan in LA brings happiness to all that join! Why aren’t you a member?

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Making the News!

Last week, the local paper, The Riverdale Press contacted me for an interview. Somehow, they had stumbled upon my blog. During the really-early-in-the-morning interview, I hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much. Mostly, I didn’t.  Check out: “Blogger chronicles her Catholic past, Jewish present”

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Pain, Pain, Go Away…

When someone came up to me today and asked me about fibromyalgia, I thought it was pretty fitting. After all, today is National Fibromyalgia Awareness day. Why is there such a day? Well, most people, unless they suffer from it or have loved ones who suffer from it, have never heard of fibromyalgia. Some doctors… Continue reading Pain, Pain, Go Away…

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What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT

Twittering before, during, after the wedding:Going to a wedding today. Separate seating for men and women. Sheitels and fancy hats will abound. Will try not to wear a sack. 9:40 AM Mar 22nd from web My father-and sister-in-law are in town for the wedding and passed out on our couches. Because I am not social… Continue reading What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT

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A Shout Out to BTs (and Converts) Everywhere Hilly Gross at the 10th Anniversary of the LSS Beginners Service @ Yahoo! Video He has a very interesting perspective to share on the people that attend Beginners services at Lincoln Square synagogue. I think the same idea applies to all baalei teshuva and converts everywhere. Enjoy the jokes, they’re killer!