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Working draft of ‘My Love/Hate Relationship with G-d’

Here’s a piece I’m still working on…. I’ve always had this intense relationship with G-d. I prayed all the time growing up. And I don’t just mean the on-my-knees “As I lay me down to sleep…” kind of prayer I was taught as a Catholic child or the structured three-times-a-day prayer that comes with being… Continue reading Working draft of ‘My Love/Hate Relationship with G-d’

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The Religiously Observant are Healthier

Ever since fibromyalgia, going to shul on Shabbos has become a painful process for me, an almost certain guarantee of a fibro attack. Unfortunately, my shul is not handicap accessible when you consider my disability. I’m not even sure how it could be. But a new study highlighted in the NY Times article, “Patterns: Better… Continue reading The Religiously Observant are Healthier

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Back to lala land…

It seems like I just got back from my summer in Los Angeles. Yet, in seven hours from now (I should be sleeping), I’ll be cruising at high altitudes on my way back. My husband will be working at his internship at a local synagogue. I’ll be trying to squeeze in chapters of my book… Continue reading Back to lala land…

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Disabled people should be neither seen or heard

I made a decision that was tough for me last week. And so, of course, G-d in G-d’s infinite wisdom decided to test me on it this week. I was on the phone when a friend when I brought up davening (praying) in a synagogue. Davening in a synagogue has been a tough issue for… Continue reading Disabled people should be neither seen or heard

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What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

I’ve been obsessed for the last few weeks with purchasing a laptop. As previously mentioned, Hubbie and I are headed to Los Angeles for an internship (him) and book writing (me). In between all that work, we’re planning to squeeze in Spanish classes (him) and Art classes (me). Instead of dragging my sickly HP desktop… Continue reading What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

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English, Please!

As a teacher, I was told the first rule of thumb is never to assume anything about your students. But many Orthodox synagogues presume a certain level of Jewish education and cater to a select number of congregants that can navigate the Hebrew siddur (prayerbook) with ease. Unfortunately, this raises a barrier for others who… Continue reading English, Please!

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On the list

Rabbi Lookstein, who happens to have been the head of the beit din that converted me, is not too happy with the RCA’s new stance on conversion. I guess I should be happy, that according to an article in Jewish Week, Rabbi Lookstein is “on the list.” I think that means my conversion is “100%… Continue reading On the list

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Daddy’s Little Girl

WARNING EXTENDED BLOG: (Fit to print!) Did you know that you can get paid to write? There is a whole slew of contests out there just waiting to be won. Money up for grabs. I have my eyes on a “contest” through the Bronx Council of Arts called: ” Individual Art Grant and ACE.” Twenty-five… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl

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The Blues

I thought growing up that I was depressed. Life was pretty depressing between the psychotic mom, the deadbeat dad, the suicidal siblings and the pooping/screaming baby half-sister whose pseudo-mom I had become as soon as she popped out. (Hold on while I yell at my husband. Dammit, yes, I ate all the chocolates, yes, I… Continue reading The Blues



There are many things I am grateful for in my life. One of them is surviving. I say survivng because up until recently, I thought I had survived but I realized it’s not over yet. I don’t mean life, I just mean the countless complications that all stem from one event in my life that… Continue reading Surviving