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Conversion (and Racism) in the news

“Barbara Walters: Ivanka Trump’s wedding was ‘absolutely gorgeous’” (The Examiner.com) Read and learn why The View host Joy Behar can be really annoying…. “Ivanka Trump Says “I Do!” (Us Magazine) Bet Ivanka never thought she’d become the poster child for Orthodox conversion. “What defines your religion?” (BBC News) As Britain tries to redefine Judaism for… Continue reading Conversion (and Racism) in the news

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Great article.

A great article on convert Ivanka Trump in New York Magazine, “Why Won’t Ivanka Just Let Herself Be a Trump?”, never mentions her much talked about conversion. Thank G-d. It seems when people in the Orthodox community talk about Ivanka, all they can talk about is her conversion. And mostly, the stuff I hear is… Continue reading Great article.

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Ivanka Trump is 100% Kosher

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Ivanka Trump completed her conversion to Judaism and is now engaged to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. Like, wow. Who knew that Ivanka Trump would become the poster girl for Orthodox conversion (as of six months ago online sources said she was studying with Rabbi Haskel Lookstein). Well, I,… Continue reading Ivanka Trump is 100% Kosher

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My Rabbi Goes to Church

Life is often funny. While I’m trying to sell a story about how one of my conversion rabbis, Elie Weinstock, told me I couldn’t set foot in a church again and my acquiescence led to losing a friendship, my head conversion rabbi, Haskel Lookstein, headed to church himself. His reason? None other than Barack Obama,… Continue reading My Rabbi Goes to Church

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Accepted Everywhere

The Jerusalem Post posits that Portuondo-Wilson may be the first Orthodox rabbi in history to be denied aliya. I finally figured out how to use Google Alerts and now I have it ferreting out any news on Jewish conversion. Meanwhile, here are two articles I meant to post sooner from the Jerusalem Post: Orthodox convert… Continue reading Accepted Everywhere

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On the list

Rabbi Lookstein, who happens to have been the head of the beit din that converted me, is not too happy with the RCA’s new stance on conversion. I guess I should be happy, that according to an article in Jewish Week, Rabbi Lookstein is “on the list.” I think that means my conversion is “100%… Continue reading On the list