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Conversion (and Racism) in the news

“Barbara Walters: Ivanka Trump’s wedding was ‘absolutely gorgeous’” (The Examiner.com) Read and learn why The View host Joy Behar can be really annoying…. “Ivanka Trump Says “I Do!” (Us Magazine) Bet Ivanka never thought she’d become the poster child for Orthodox conversion. “What defines your religion?” (BBC News) As Britain tries to redefine Judaism for… Continue reading Conversion (and Racism) in the news

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Too Many Black Children?

The Jewish Week (New York) just did a nice little feature on the new Hebrew language charter school in Brooklyn: “For Now, Hebrew Charter School Is ‘Sababa’”. Don’t blink or else you’ll miss (yeah, right) this line: “The level of racial integration is unusual in a school district that has several overwhelmingly black public schools… Continue reading Too Many Black Children?

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Conversion in the News Roundup: Because the "Who is a Jew?" question is now an extreme sport!

A delicious sampling of the latest news in Jewish conversion! “Shas MK: Ease Conversion for IDF Soldiers of Jewish Descent” (Israeli National News) At some point during the conversion process, I heard that things went a lot smoother if you had a Jewish father or some kind of Jewish ancestry. Too bad I couldn’t unearth… Continue reading Conversion in the News Roundup: Because the "Who is a Jew?" question is now an extreme sport!

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Mayim Bialik talks Torah

Actress Mayim Bialik is everywhere in the Jewish world! How cool! Check out this recent interview in the Jewish press: “Blossoming into Torah” and “Mayim Bialik Has Some Advice for Forward Readers” Hat tip: Jew in the City

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And yet another episode of "As the Convert’s World Turns"

I was standing in a school cafeteria in Middlebury, Vermont, surrounded by Jews of every flavor, as well as many Israelis with a very “Sephardic” look. And then, someone said something to one of the teachers, a 50-or-60-something-year-old woman who has spent most of her life in Israel. Repeatedly, I heard her say,”You? A convert?… Continue reading And yet another episode of "As the Convert’s World Turns"