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Too Many Black Children?

The Jewish Week (New York) just did a nice little feature on the new Hebrew language charter school in Brooklyn: “For Now, Hebrew Charter School Is ‘Sababa'”.

Don’t blink or else you’ll miss (yeah, right) this line:

“The level of racial integration is unusual in a school district that has several overwhelmingly black public schools and others that are largely white. Olevsky reports that another Jewish family she knows pulled their child out because they “felt there were too many black children in the classroom.”

Now, the school is 60% white. So just how many black kids is “too many”? I’m dying to know.

And by the way, this quote was interesting, too:

“All we know for sure is that the school is 60 percent white,” says Dan Gerstein, an HLA spokesman. “You can reasonably assume some are not Jewish, but there’s no way to tell how large that percentage is.”

So, um, none of the kids who aren’t white could be Jewish? Jews do come in all colors…even in Brooklyn.

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