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Ivanka Trump is 100% Kosher

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Ivanka Trump completed her conversion to Judaism and is now engaged to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. Like, wow. Who knew that Ivanka Trump would become the poster girl for Orthodox conversion (as of six months ago online sources said she was studying with Rabbi Haskel Lookstein). Well, I, for one, am wishing both of them a big fat “MAZEL TOV!”

More of the dishy details: “Ivanka Trump on New Fiancé Jared Kushner: ‘He’ll be a Great Father'”

9 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump is 100% Kosher

  1. yet we're not going to find her covering her hair and elbows and knees are we? and she's clearly not shomer negiah…but it'll all be overlooked because she's a celebrity.


  2. She's cute, rich and white. Anything is possible in Judaism for someone like her. However, normally a poor, black person would have a hard time getting into this club. BTW aliza, does rabbi L works with people who do not live in his community? He seems to be a nice rabbi for conversion.


  3. and she's clearly not shomer negiah

    Just want to point out that neither is he. Clearly.

    What's good for the goose …


  4. I don't understand what makes this conversion valid. She clearly did this for the sake of marriage-clearly, she ignores some of the most important mitzvos, including tznius, shomer negiah, kol isha, etc. Apparently, Kushner maintains an institutional/parochial connection to Orthodoxy, vis-a-vis the Frisch school.


  5. I am astonished. Don't we have enough rabbis picking apart converts? Don't we have enough born Jews picking about converts? Didn't anyone read my article about the Do's and Don'ts of Talking to Converts? If there's anything you're going to say to Ivanka Trump right now, it's should be “Welcome home” but instead we're railing at her about covering her elbows (something many born Jews, even Orthodox) don't do.


  6. forget if ivanka is shomer negiah or not. will she be keeping shabbos and kosher? or taharat hamishpacha? regardless, i dont have a problem with her converting to judaism. she does love her future husband enough to actually convert to his religion. to convert orthodox is much more intensive than reform or conservative. give her a break.


  7. Nothing annoys me more than people sitting back and judging and picking apart converts. None of us are so great that we can sit back and judge others. But on the other hand I do recognize the frustration that manifests among converts. The constant tests of sincerity, the stubborn refusal of the Jewish community to consider them as equals, the ever changing “rules of the game” when it comes to halachaic conversion. Therefore what happens is that this frustration just bubbles over when you see converts like Ivanka Trump (even though she may be completely sincere, completely kosher, etc.).

    Hey, we are all only human.


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