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Oooh, my precious!

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m slightly obsessed with it even though when someone gave me a gold “Aliza” pendant, I sort of freaked and had a flashback to my ghetto childhood. All the “cool” girls who used to rag on me wore their shiny little MEAN GIRL names around their… Continue reading Oooh, my precious!

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A Convert’s Best Friend

If it wasn’t for my non-observant Russian Jewish friend becoming Orthodox and inadvertently inspiring me while he was trying to explain why he’d done it (because no one in his secular life understood why), I might not be here today. Quite literally, a ba’al teshuva is a convert’s friend. In fact, it was another ba’al… Continue reading A Convert’s Best Friend

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Pain, pain go away

Woke up in excruciating pain. Usually, I can go the first 5 minutes of the day before it hits me. But sorry, not today. Of course, I had all these plans that got pushed back. I ended up in bed most of the day instead. And when I finally got out of it, the pain… Continue reading Pain, pain go away

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Black Friday Withdrawal

I’ve only ever been inside a store (Macy’s) on Black Friday once and that was enough to terrify me for life. I won’t set foot inside any store on Black Friday these days. I don’t care what’s on sale. I will pay extra just so I don’t want to get trampled. But this year, I… Continue reading Black Friday Withdrawal

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Did you get a haircut?

My husband came home and accused me of getting a haircut without telling him. A haircut’s not in our budget this month so it was like being accused of hiding a new little black dress in my closet. Okay, I’ve done it before but I promised I wouldn’t do it again. On a constant basis,… Continue reading Did you get a haircut?

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Clothes for Latino Jews

Jewish Latinos, stop shopping wherever you’ve been shopping, a new clothing line, Jewtina, has been created just for you in mind. The Magen David (star of David) makes an appearance with both the Mexican and Cuban flags on certain T-shirts. Now, should I get an Amazon Kindle 2 or a Jewtina t-shirt? That is the… Continue reading Clothes for Latino Jews

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The Worst Guest in the World

Hello, it’s me, the self-described worst guest in the world! And I’ve just had a long time friendship end over it. But this isn’t just the story of that loss or how I’ve come to expect the worst. As a recent convert, I’ve blogged before about how I’ve been inappropriate countless times at the Shabbos… Continue reading The Worst Guest in the World