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Oooh, my precious!

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m slightly obsessed with it even though when someone gave me a gold “Aliza” pendant, I sort of freaked and had a flashback to my ghetto childhood. All the “cool” girls who used to rag on me wore their shiny little MEAN GIRL names around their… Continue reading Oooh, my precious!

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A Convert’s Best Friend

If it wasn’t for my non-observant Russian Jewish friend becoming Orthodox and inadvertently inspiring me while he was trying to explain why he’d done it (because no one in his secular life understood why), I might not be here today. Quite literally, a ba’al teshuva is a convert’s friend. In fact, it was another ba’al… Continue reading A Convert’s Best Friend

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Pain, pain go away

Woke up in excruciating pain. Usually, I can go the first 5 minutes of the day before it hits me. But sorry, not today. Of course, I had all these plans that got pushed back. I ended up in bed most of the day instead. And when I finally got out of it, the pain… Continue reading Pain, pain go away

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Black Friday Withdrawal

I’ve only ever been inside a store (Macy’s) on Black Friday once and that was enough to terrify me for life. I won’t set foot inside any store on Black Friday these days. I don’t care what’s on sale. I will pay extra just so I don’t want to get trampled. But this year, I… Continue reading Black Friday Withdrawal

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Did you get a haircut?

My husband came home and accused me of getting a haircut without telling him. A haircut’s not in our budget this month so it was like being accused of hiding a new little black dress in my closet. Okay, I’ve done it before but I promised I wouldn’t do it again. On a constant basis,… Continue reading Did you get a haircut?

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Clothes for Latino Jews

Jewish Latinos, stop shopping wherever you’ve been shopping, a new clothing line, Jewtina, has been created just for you in mind. The Magen David (star of David) makes an appearance with both the Mexican and Cuban flags on certain T-shirts. Now, should I get an Amazon Kindle 2 or a Jewtina t-shirt? That is the… Continue reading Clothes for Latino Jews

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The Worst Guest in the World

Hello, it’s me, the self-described worst guest in the world! And I’ve just had a long time friendship end over it. But this isn’t just the story of that loss or how I’ve come to expect the worst. As a recent convert, I’ve blogged before about how I’ve been inappropriate countless times at the Shabbos… Continue reading The Worst Guest in the World

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“Black Friday in Wal-mart”

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What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

I’ve been obsessed for the last few weeks with purchasing a laptop. As previously mentioned, Hubbie and I are headed to Los Angeles for an internship (him) and book writing (me). In between all that work, we’re planning to squeeze in Spanish classes (him) and Art classes (me). Instead of dragging my sickly HP desktop… Continue reading What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging