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Clothes for Latino Jews

Jewish Latinos, stop shopping wherever you’ve been shopping, a new clothing line, Jewtina, has been created just for you in mind. The Magen David (star of David) makes an appearance with both the Mexican and Cuban flags on certain T-shirts. Now, should I get an Amazon Kindle 2 or a Jewtina t-shirt? That is the question.

3 thoughts on “Clothes for Latino Jews

  1. In our house we often feature the Guatemalan flag as a centerpiece on our Shabbat table as our seven year old likes to be reminded of his Meso-American heritage. Last night he told me he wants, someday, to open up a kosher Guatemalan restaurant in which his school chums would “have to eat at or they would get a punishment!” There’s effective marketing!


  2. To my favorite Jewminicana (whose blog I’ve been reading over the last couple weeks): I’d just like to put in my vote for the Jewtina t-shirt, not the Kindle because it’s too expensive. By the way, I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog.


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