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Welcoming Synagogues for Jews of Color

First of all, thanks to Jewlicious, Tolerant Nation and for already putting the word out about my mission to help the Jewish Multiracial Network grow their list of “Welcoming Synagogues.” If you’re a Jew of Color and are looking for a shul to call home, check out The Welcoming Synagogues List on the Jewish… Continue reading Welcoming Synagogues for Jews of Color

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About Vidui, the National Jewish Outreach Program website writes: “One aspect of the teshuvah/repentance process is to verbalize one’s sins. This takes place during the confession. The confession must be with a true heart – one must truly repent the action (s)he is confessing. Vidui is recited during every Yom Kippur service, including the afternoon… Continue reading Whoa.

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So, you want to be Jewish?

In “My Love/Hate Relationship with G-d”, I wrote about how tumultuous and complicated my relationship with G-d has been over the years. And again, rather surprisingly I find myself in a place I didn’t expect to be with G-d. I never imagined that my relationship with G-d could get complicated AFTER I’d become Jewish. Wasn’t… Continue reading So, you want to be Jewish?

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Come on, get happy!

The Happy Minyan in LA brings happiness to all that join! Why aren’t you a member?

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Jerk of the Week

I finally broke down and asked my sister if she thinks I attract jerks. I expected her to respond dismissively as I have responded to blog readers who have suggested the same. But in fact, my sister responded with a resounding “Yes!” Yes, you do attract jerks. So why? Am I wearing some sort of… Continue reading Jerk of the Week

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Ladino Rocks!

As usual, my Ladino is great, my Hebrew is not. Do you think Ladino will make a comeback? Let’s hope so. Watch these kiddies singing this beautiful Ladino folk song. Check out the lyrics below. Durme, durme hijiko de madre,Durme, durme s’in ansio y dolor;Sienti joya palavrikas de tu madre.Las palavras di Shema YisraelDurme, durme… Continue reading Ladino Rocks!

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Stand-up Comedy Routine #5: Shabbos is for Shtupping

So as it turns out, this show is NOT going on the road. While my stand-up comedy class classmates will be getting together to perform two Sundays from now, I will be at a big fat Jewish wedding. My body cannot handle ferrying from both. Besides, it’s only a mitzvah to do one of those… Continue reading Stand-up Comedy Routine #5: Shabbos is for Shtupping

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Plantain Party

Growing up, I ate pretty much the same thing every day without deviation: eggs (or eggplant) with mangu (mashed green plantains) for breakfast and/or lunch and chicken, rice, beans (my favorite were red but my husband loves then black) and plantains on the side (tostones or maduros). If my mother served anything else, I said… Continue reading Plantain Party

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The softer side of Judaism

Whether or not, you love it or hate it, The Jerusalem Post claims Judaism is getting in touch with its feminine side. You’ve heard my spiel before in previous posts about whether or not I would call myself a feminist, much less a Jewish feminist. And here is a redux. In short, I grew up… Continue reading The softer side of Judaism

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Oh My G-d…

When I first learned about organized prayer in Sunday school, I was mystified. Why did we need organized prayer? Didn’t everyone, like me, pray to G-d several times a day? Wasn’t everyone in a constant dialogue with G-d? Praying three times a day became more difficult for me when I got sick but I always… Continue reading Oh My G-d…