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Have an easy and meaningful fast!

Yom Kippur from More Torah cartoons at

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Sukkot is here! Hooray!

I think Sukkot is my favorite Jewish holiday. I just can’t pin down why. But it’s no secret that it’s referred to as “the time of joy.” And every Sukkot, I definitely feel that. Okay, so Sukkot’s nowhere near as stressful as Passover where the seder lasts until 3am and you’ve got to get a… Continue reading Sukkot is here! Hooray!

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I’m a genie in a bottle, you better not rub me the wrong way…

Sometimes you burn your bridges. Sometimes you BLOW THEM up. I aspire to be the kind of person who doesn’t burn or blow up (metaphorical) bridges but given what my sister calls my “anger management problem,” I can’t seem to refrain from doing either. (My husband adds, “you curse like a sailor.” And I don’t… Continue reading I’m a genie in a bottle, you better not rub me the wrong way…

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Saturday (night) is for…sleeping. So is Sunday.

I hate to the bearer of bad news but from now on, I’ll be a little quieter on Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t expect any blogs on the weekends! Don’t hate me because I like to able to use my hands! (Every post cripples me a little bit more.) But do expect to see more than… Continue reading Saturday (night) is for…sleeping. So is Sunday.

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About Vidui, the National Jewish Outreach Program website writes: “One aspect of the teshuvah/repentance process is to verbalize one’s sins. This takes place during the confession. The confession must be with a true heart – one must truly repent the action (s)he is confessing. Vidui is recited during every Yom Kippur service, including the afternoon… Continue reading Whoa.

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Yom Kippur…Judaism’s Spiritual Bootcamp

Enjoy that Shabbat meal this Friday/Saturday because you’re going to mighty hungry from Sunday night to Monday night when Yom Kippur kicks in. One of the most serious (if not, the most serious) Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur has five big prohibitions that will leave you hungry, dirty, horny, possibly smelly and wearing Crocs outside the… Continue reading Yom Kippur…Judaism’s Spiritual Bootcamp

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Dear Aliza: I’m Glad Someone Understands

Here’s a nice letter I recently received from a reader:I’ve been following your blog for months and it is a revelation. I am a young South African woman of a mixed race background who has been struggling with the question of an orthodox Jewish conversion for about 2.5 years now and when I discovered your… Continue reading Dear Aliza: I’m Glad Someone Understands

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Trembling on Tisha B’av On Wednesday night, the fast of Tisha B’av begins. “Tisha B-what?” my friends say. If it isn’t Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur or Passover, my non-Jewish or Jewish but less observant friends have no clue what I’m talking about. Why isn’t the saddest day on the Jewish calendar more well-known? I spent my first Tisha… Continue reading Trembling on Tisha B’av

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Taking North Carolina By Storm…

Alysa Stanton, a Conservative convert (previous articles said Orthodox) who practices Reform Judaism and has been previously featured on this blog to much fanfare, will be the First black female rabbi to take N.C. pulpit”. Diane Tobin, Associate Director of The Institute for Jewish & Community Research and founder of Be’chol Lashon (In Every Tongue),… Continue reading Taking North Carolina By Storm…

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Interfaith Couple Chooses Judaism

Here is an interview that should have been part of a larger piece tracking three interfaith couples and their religious choices. Batya keeps kosher but her husband isn’t Jewish. She paints a different picture of the statistics of intermarriage. We’ve heard them all by now: “Intermarriage threatens Jewish survival. Over 70% of the children of… Continue reading Interfaith Couple Chooses Judaism