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Only if you’re living under a rock have you missed the news that a plane was diverted because a flight attendant mistook a White Plains Jewish teen putting on tefillin for a terrorist. Yes, they thought it was a (tefillin) bomb. No, this is not part of my stand-up routine but it will be. Read:… Continue reading It’s a TEFILLIN BOMB!

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Is Your Puppy Racist?

If you thought that I…and Newsweek…had flipped our lids with the “Is Your Baby Racist?” post” then you might not be able to handle this story. Over Sukkot, I heard a tale of (woe) told by a white Jewish couple in Los Angeles who say their puppy is “RACIST” (their words).Yes, you read that right.… Continue reading Is Your Puppy Racist?

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Goodbye! So Long, Farewell…

From And now it’s almost time to say goodbye to Sukkot…but not our sukkahs just yet. We’ll still be chowing down in them for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah (in amazing fab weather if you’re in Los Angeles like moi). Let the ritual overeating and dancing with the Torah scrolls commence! Please don’t make… Continue reading Goodbye! So Long, Farewell…

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Spend a Shabbat in Uganda

Photo by Judy Gigliotti/Beā€™chol Lashon “Sukkat Shalom: From Uganda to U.S. and Back” in The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles follows Rabbi Gershom Sizomu returns to lead the followers of Judaism in Uganda after being ordained in Los Angeles. (Of notable mention this time of year, Sizomu’s grandfather was arrested for building a sukkah… Continue reading Spend a Shabbat in Uganda

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Wow, so I didn’t just hallucinate this? Hat tip: Esther Kustanowitz Also read: “AJC 3rd Annual Sukkot Festival: Where the Jewish and Latino Communities Meet” by Kelly Hartog “Yet while the event may be exciting for the Latino community, it begs the question as to why the local Jewish community should attend. Says Brown (as… Continue reading Seriously?

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A self-hating Jew?

If you haven’t heard of it already, then you’ve probably been living under a rock (or a sukkah?). The news media is ablaze with a (possibly) tall tale that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be a Jew. Apparently, his parents changed their surname to Ahmadinejad after converting to Islam. The name before? Sabourjian…a Iranian Jewish… Continue reading A self-hating Jew?

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Sukkot is here! Hooray!

I think Sukkot is my favorite Jewish holiday. I just can’t pin down why. But it’s no secret that it’s referred to as “the time of joy.” And every Sukkot, I definitely feel that. Okay, so Sukkot’s nowhere near as stressful as Passover where the seder lasts until 3am and you’ve got to get a… Continue reading Sukkot is here! Hooray!