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Wow, so I didn’t just hallucinate this?

Hat tip: Esther Kustanowitz

Also read: “AJC 3rd Annual Sukkot Festival: Where the Jewish and Latino Communities Meet” by Kelly Hartog

“Yet while the event may be exciting for the Latino community, it begs the question as to why the local Jewish community should attend. Says Brown (as in Randy Brown, Director of Interreligious & Israel Affairs of the American Jewish Committee, Los Angeles Chapter), “Well firstly, the advocacy piece is a no brainer. This is a natural synergy. We’re creating future allies for the State of Israel, but more importantly, it’s about encountering the ‘other’” he says. “There’s a huge gap where unfortunately for the Jewish community their only exposure to the Latino community is mainly through having a Latino gardener or housekeeper. There’s a linguistic, cultural, and socio-economic wall between our communities, but having them set foot in a synagogue for the first time they’re learning about us and it’s a place where the Jewish community can see them on an equal footing and where we can celebrate together.”

Hat tip: Religion and State in Israel

9 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. We are vadai Mehadrin heretics (in a nasal nasal voice with sundry genuflections and crossings “¡Apóstatas del infierno, ay Dios bendito! ¡Ay Jesusito! ¡El Chupacabra!”” ). I´d rather not cultivate the love of these groups. It is all for the wrong reasons. Then again politics is the art of getting people to do the right thing FOR the wrong reasons.


  2. Then again politics is the art of getting people to do the right thing FOR the wrong reasons.

    Ding ding ding. Folks, we have a winner.

    I like the idea of getting to know latinos and realizing that they aren't just maids, housekeepers, etc, like the article said.

    The rest squicks me. Did it really take a “common love for israel” to do that? Would POC not be worthy of breaking bread with if they were super fired up about Israel (and I'm not touching the doctrinal issues on that one).


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