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Is Your Puppy Racist?

If you thought that I…and Newsweek…had flipped our lids with the “Is Your Baby Racist?” post” then you might not be able to handle this story.

Over Sukkot, I heard a tale of (woe) told by a white Jewish couple in Los Angeles who say their puppy is “RACIST” (their words).Yes, you read that right.

The dog, the owners claim, is totally fine around white people (male or female) and even Latinas (the nannies, in this case) but he goes berserk around Latino men.

Stop laughing, the owners definitely don’t think this behavior is funny. AT ALL.

But can you imagine if they tried to RETURN their dog because it was “racist”? Who would believe them? After all, no one believes anyone who cries “racism” anymore.

3 thoughts on “Is Your Puppy Racist?

  1. We've raised many rescue cats over the years. If they were mistreated before they came to us, they could be very odd. We had a cat who hated all men. I have a cat who absolutely flips out if you don't leave every door in a room open. We had another cat who was terrified of young children. We can only guess about the mistreatment the animals suffered prior to their rescue. So a racist pet doesn't sound that odd to me.


  2. Well dogs are actually color blind, but one can be trained to attack a certain group based on appearance.

    I am sure redneck sheriffs trained their dogs to attack black men back in the 50s.


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