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Learn, Learn, Learn

Someone posted that they’re having trouble coordinating learning with an Orthodox rabbi. That’s no surprise to me. I think the only reason my rabbi is so available when I need him is that he doesn’t sleep. Ever. It also helps that I was not entirely dependent on him for all my learning. During my conversion… Continue reading Learn, Learn, Learn

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Fasting, Back Pain and Rain or How I Barely Survived Yom Kippur

Greetings from my couch where I am stationed thanks to the rain, the back pain and trying to fast on Yom Kippur. Trying, you say? Yea, I couldn’t hold out. Instead of fasting entirely, I had Cheerios for breakfast (gone stale, no less) and for lunch there were chips, soda and two donuts. Gross? Yes.… Continue reading Fasting, Back Pain and Rain or How I Barely Survived Yom Kippur

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Fasting before Yom Kippur

I have eaten one meal. My head may fall off. Ouch. Body hurts. Stomach freaking out. 7pm and still at school creating charts and making copies of stuff. SIGH. Want to move to Israel and pray and study all day. Refuse to teach children. Cannot make complete sentences. Hold me.