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About Vidui, the National Jewish Outreach Program website writes:

“One aspect of the teshuvah/repentance process is to verbalize one’s sins. This takes place during the confession. The confession must be with a true heart – one must truly repent the action (s)he is confessing.

Vidui is recited during every Yom Kippur service, including the afternoon service (mincha) preceding Yom Kippur.

The Vidui service is made up of a list of 22 sins (one for each letter of the aleph-bet). Examples of the confessional lines are:

i) For the sin that we have sinned before You under duress and willingly…

ii) For the sin that we have sinned before You with harsh speech…”

When updating the traditional Yom Kippur confessional with “Modern Sins”, Michael Lerner does not forget Jews of color and so he adds:

For the sins of not honoring diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds–including Sephardic, Mizrachi, Ethiopian, Ashkenazic, and Black Jews–the diversity of class backgrounds, the diversity of sexual orientation, and the diversity of ways that we address the spiritual truths of the universe….

Hat tip: Jew of Color Activist

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