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Welcoming Synagogues for Jews of Color

First of all, thanks to Jewlicious, Tolerant Nation and for already putting the word out about my mission to help the Jewish Multiracial Network grow their list of “Welcoming Synagogues.”

If you’re a Jew of Color and are looking for a shul to call home, check out The Welcoming Synagogues List on the Jewish Multiracial Network, which offers a list of synagogues multiracial families and individual Jews of color have felt comfortable attending and are now recommending to others.

The list ranges from Humanist to Reform, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Non-denominational. But the list does not yet include synagogues outside the United States and in Israel. The project is actively looking for suggestions in both categories, as well as in the United States.

If you are a Jew of color or part of a multiracial family and you have found particular synagogues or minyanim welcoming, please email the following information to jewminicana1 (at) gmail (dot) com

1. Synagogue name
2. Link to synagogue website
3. Synagogue location: city/state or city/country

Spread the word! If you are not a Jew of color or part of a multiracial family but you know someone who might be interested in helping provide information for this list, please forward this post to them.

Yes, ideally, someday, all synagogues will be welcoming to every Jew of every color but until then, hopefully this list will connect more Jews of color with places they know they can pray in peace (without stares, without interrogations about their “Jewishness,” without racism).

And if you haven’t already, check out “Jews of color come together to explore identity”, an awesome JTA article on how Jews of color are coming together to build community within the Jewish community.

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