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Oh My G-d…

When I first learned about organized prayer in Sunday school, I was mystified. Why did we need organized prayer? Didn’t everyone, like me, pray to G-d several times a day? Wasn’t everyone in a constant dialogue with G-d?

Praying three times a day became more difficult for me when I got sick but I always feel buoyant when uttering a blessing. I love the constant reminder of being connected to G-d, of for one moment feeling the pulse that connects the whole world in just a few simple words. And yet, I still find myself praying for that perfect parking space, praying that the train will come a little faster, praying, especially, for the safety, health and prosperity of my love ones and often praying in thanks for the little things I too often overlook.

Are you leading a prayerful life? What are your favorite prayers? Mine are Shema, Modeh Ani, the final blessings of the Amidah and Psalm 27 which I focused on in a piece called “My Love/Hate Relationship with G-d.”

Be sure to check out “How We Pray,” part of a series of “How Jews…” at the Mixed Multitudes blog at

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