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Patheos will blow your mind…

And yet again, another reprint for “From Ghetto Girl to Rabbi’s Wife”, this time on Patheos.

Patheos is a fascinating new website that hopes to help people understand the origins, history, and beliefs of the world’s religions.
Patheos was recently featured in a Time magazine article, “What Do Other Religions Believe? A Website With Answers”.

4 thoughts on “Patheos will blow your mind…

  1. Religion is something made up by man to escape from his own reality. Members of a religion become slaves of those who lead the religion (eg. rabbis, priests)by following their laws. I am not religious anymore because I think people forget about the essence of the religion and constantly make each others lives miserable. Instead of becoming better human beings, religion makes them worse by becoming arrogant, selfish, and cold hearted. I've met religious people from the Orthodox movement and seen them commit the most horrible acts towards others. They should be in jail and be cursed forever. Others like muslim arabs hide themselves and kill themselves for a very erroneous idea that G-d will save them and reward them for their rather ridiculous illogical deeds. To those who are religious, good luck and hope you become the best you could possibly be.


  2. The hamsa pictured here is probably supposed to be a symbol of Islam. It is a cultural symbol that one would actually find in Kabbalistic, Sephardic, and Middle Esstern Christian and Islamic imagery, as well. As a religion geek, stupidity like that irks me.


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