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Are Jewish Women…Dirrrty?

I love this woman and I love her even more now that she has a cool website.

Check out Jew in the City as she responds to “Do Orthodox Jews consider women dirty during their monthly cycle?”

5 thoughts on “Are Jewish Women…Dirrrty?

  1. Yeah that's all well and good but feminist it ain't. As soon as some outside authority dictates the schedule or terms of one's intimacy with one's partner, you lose the “feminist” seal of approval. Plus, the inspection of the bedekah cloth phenomenon is well outside the boundaries of anything that would remotely be described as “feminist”.


  2. I find that some people's idea of feminism is its own kind of oppression. Jew In The City doesn't go into it but there is a certain beauty to the family purity laws. I'm not saying they don't seem completely insane but they are not without their benefits.


  3. I don't disagree that there are benefits to the family purity laws : keeping the spark alive in a marriage (personal) and maximizing female fertility – (communal) but calling them feminist is like calling a missile a “peacekeeper. “


  4. Esther – Wow, way to decide for Orthodox women what empowers or oppresses us. Losing the feminist seal of approval? Really? Who made you the arbiter of feminism?


  5. I find it easy for a modern-thinking progressive type to bash something ancient, especially in regards to a translation, like the term “impure”.

    I am not going to say that everything out of the Bronze Age is better, but there is much to learn from the ancients.


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