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Update! This was almost a video blog.

I just finished up getting interviewed and photographed (a two-hour process) for an upcoming piece on fibromyalgia. Can’t wait to see the finished product. As with any interview, there’s that anxiety that some of what you’ve said will be misinterpreted (as happened with my interview on Christmas and conversion with the NY Times). Plus, what… Continue reading Update! This was almost a video blog.

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To blog or not to blog

Here is the list of things I’d like to be blogging about right now: Last week’s wave of Facebook updates where women posted the color of their bras in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness Writer’s block (other people’s, not mine) Prospective converts who rabbis (and the current Orthodox conversion climate) scare off Yoga… Continue reading To blog or not to blog

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Miracles and Moodiness

I’ve been moody all week, swinging up and down riding this life rollercoaster without any Dramamine. I’ve been wildly whiny, throwing immature tantrums in front of my ever patient little sister and husband. I haven’t written a word for my book, the thought was too overwhelming. And I haven’t made it into the gym for… Continue reading Miracles and Moodiness

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A Healthy Shape

Richard Brodsky, 56, ran a marathon a year after finding out he had brain cancer. He still runs with his wife, Jodi, right. (Christian Hansen/New York Times) There’s a new face to chronic illness and I’ve talked about it before on my blog. It was fibromyalgia, after all, that forced me to start exercising and… Continue reading A Healthy Shape

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Unhappy Halloween

I’m at Curves, the women’s gym I frequent, when someone mumbles something about kosher Halloween candy. This causes Lynn, one of the women who works there, to respond: “If you’re worried about whether or not Halloween candy is kosher, why are you celebrating Halloween?” A fair question from a non-Jew, no? When I decided to… Continue reading Unhappy Halloween

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When Everyone’s a Critic (Doctor)

I survived the Seders. Well, barely. I haven’t had the routine exercise my fibromyalgia needs in order to allow my body to run smoothly. My brain is hazy from the exhaustion of eating too much, sitting too much and exercising too little. I’ve either adjusted to LA time or I’m waking up in the afternoons… Continue reading When Everyone’s a Critic (Doctor)

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A Good Old Fashioned Monster Story

I’ve been convalescing on the couch with a heavy dose of Gilmore Girls reruns. The rainy weather has got me down. Or maybe it’s all the running around like a Kentucky Fried chicken with its head cut off. It’s probably the latter. Yesterday was a very long day. I logged in my exercise hours (which… Continue reading A Good Old Fashioned Monster Story

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Juggling Badly

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes (and I have many) goes something like this: “So be sure when you stepStep with care and great tactAnd remember that Life’sA Great Balancing Act.Just never forget to be dexterous and deftAnd never mix up your right foot with your left.And will you succeed?Yes, you will indeed!(98 and… Continue reading Juggling Badly

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Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

Friday morning, I went into withdrawal. I take nine medications daily. Funny enough, if you can find humor in having a pill case at 27 which of course I do, none of the medications are for fibromyalgia. After years of trying combinations of different medications (from mood stabilizers, anti-seizure meds, anti-inflammatories), including all the ones… Continue reading Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

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Living in the Spotlight

You know that strange feeling you get when you’re anxious and you feel like everyone is staring at you? When I get that feeling, everyone IS staring at me. I made an appearance today at the Bally’s pool for the first time. Not only were people staring at me, jaws dropped, whispers ensued and finally… Continue reading Living in the Spotlight