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To blog or not to blog

Here is the list of things I’d like to be blogging about right now:

Last week’s wave of Facebook updates where women posted the color of their bras in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness
Writer’s block (other people’s, not mine)
Prospective converts who rabbis (and the current Orthodox conversion climate) scare off
Yoga (and how I was told in Israel that it was “idol worship”)
Something that starts with a “B” but I can’t read my own handwriting
Ball chair
Something that starts with a “J” but again, I can’t read my own handwriting
Vampires and grief
Why I love New York
Stress and trying to beat it back
Pain mood swings
My first shiva call
Sleep habits
Why speaking software sucks and people should stop suggesting it to me
Vacation (and all the places I wish I was at right now)
Sex in yeshiva (disclaimer: meaning what rabbis learn about sex in yeshiva!)
Allergies (and how they’re getting in the way of, well, everything)
Limmud NY (and how truly awesome it was, how I schmoozed myself into a coma, all the sessions I went to, all the sessions I wish I’d gone to and all the unforgettable moments and the irony of meeting so many Riverdalians there….)
The stack of Jewishly related movies sitting right next to my laptop
Healthcare reform
Akira Ohiso’s book “Surviving”
MLK and why I stopped talking about racism in the Jewish community
Why I quit my career as a fashion illustrator before it even started
Why being broke in my early 20s was more fun than being broke in my late 20s
But because my body is telling me that after just two days of Limmud NY, it needs me to curl up with a yoga video, 30 minutes of exercise at Curves (an all-women’s gym) and a good book, I’m going to have to go do that. I have to stop ignoring my body (oh, wait, that’s another blog post I’ve been meaning to write!) and start ignoring my blog.

5 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. Please write about your Limmud NY experiences. Maybe hearing about your experiences will suggest ideas for Limmud Chicago in the future. Also, my husband got so excited hearing about Limmud UK at a recent Taste of Limmud Chicago, that he started talking about the idea of traveling to attend a bigger, more fully developed Limmud than our one-day inaugural Limmud Chicago next month. NYC is a lot easier to get to from Chicago than the UK and less time and expense would be factors too.


  2. This sounds familiar to me. I write myself one word notes to either blog about or write essays about and then the next morning I find them either illegible or incomprehensible. Oh well.


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