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Unhappy Halloween

I’m at Curves, the women’s gym I frequent, when someone mumbles something about kosher Halloween candy. This causes Lynn, one of the women who works there, to respond: “If you’re worried about whether or not Halloween candy is kosher, why are you celebrating Halloween?” A fair question from a non-Jew, no?

When I decided to stop celebrating Halloween, my sister was very upset. Giving up Christmas, she understood. Giving up Valentine’s Day, okay. But Halloween?! Wasn’t that going too far? Did I mention that my sister is a Wiccan who believes that Halloween is a religious holiday? Eventually, she conceded this point. And I asked to borrow her Halloween costume for Purim. Just kidding.

2 thoughts on “Unhappy Halloween

  1. There’s tons of heschered Hlaloween and Christmas candy out there. It’s because must people who buy kosher food aren’t observant Jews. Most people who buy kosher buy it because they believe it is healthier or better supervised during production. Obeservant just make up only 25% of kosher consumers


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