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The Purim Curse?

When they say it almost never, ever rains in Los Angeles, what they don’t tell you is that when it does, it rains all at once like G-d is trying to pull that Noah’s Ark business all over again. And that’s the kind of rain that hit here this Purim. Rain is my kryptonite (okay, how is… Continue reading The Purim Curse?

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Happy Hallo-what?

If my father saw this (and he’s an American citizen), he would say, “Jackasses.” No, I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore. (Here’s an interesting perspective I heard last year on keeping kosher and being shomer Halloween.) But ever since hearing that there is an “illegal alien” costume being sold at Target (it was since taken down)… Continue reading Happy Hallo-what?

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You know you’re Dominican when… La Chancleta (The Flip-Flop) | Movies & TV | People tell you to stop screaming when you’re really talking. You grew up afraid of something called “El Cuco”. You clap your hands while laughing. You’re able to dance without any music. You learned how to dance merengue and bachata before you could walk.… Continue reading You know you’re Dominican when…

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Unhappy Halloween

I’m at Curves, the women’s gym I frequent, when someone mumbles something about kosher Halloween candy. This causes Lynn, one of the women who works there, to respond: “If you’re worried about whether or not Halloween candy is kosher, why are you celebrating Halloween?” A fair question from a non-Jew, no? When I decided to… Continue reading Unhappy Halloween