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The Purim Curse?

When they say it almost never, ever rains in Los Angeles, what they don’t tell you is that when it does, it rains all at once like G-d is trying to pull that Noah’s Ark business all over again. And that’s the kind of rain that hit here this Purim. Rain is my kryptonite (okay, how is… Continue reading The Purim Curse?

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Purim Culture Clash

So, we’re walking out of shul when we see a woman with a baby hoisting her baby carrier up the stairs. Mom is dressed up as Dorothy in a very short dress and red glittery heels and all. My husband turns back and says to me, “Do you think the baby is dressed as Toto?”… Continue reading Purim Culture Clash

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WAMU, I miss you. Chase sucks!

Last week, someone stole money from my bank account. They somehow managed to do an external transfer from my bank account for several hundred dollars directly to my cable company to an account that wasn’t mine. Within…48 hours I had my money back. Over 24 hours too long in my opinion. Well, today, the bank… Continue reading WAMU, I miss you. Chase sucks!

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Happy Purim, Everyone!

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein and I became Facebook friends recently. We’re not even quite sure how it happened. But when I read this his bio, I wondered how in the world I’d never heard of him. An Orthodox (Chabad) rabbi who works at a prominent New York City art school (Pratt, which I applied to before… Continue reading Happy Purim, Everyone!

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Happy Hallo-what?

If my father saw this (and he’s an American citizen), he would say, “Jackasses.” No, I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore. (Here’s an interesting perspective I heard last year on keeping kosher and being shomer Halloween.) But ever since hearing that there is an “illegal alien” costume being sold at Target (it was since taken down)… Continue reading Happy Hallo-what?