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WAMU, I miss you. Chase sucks!

Last week, someone stole money from my bank account. They somehow managed to do an external transfer from my bank account for several hundred dollars directly to my cable company to an account that wasn’t mine. Within…48 hours I had my money back. Over 24 hours too long in my opinion.

Well, today, the bank froze me out of my account after I entered the wrong pin at the ATM several times. (Husband forgot to tell me it had been changed for our new ATM cards.)
I intended to deposit the checks in person but the bank wasn’t open and the ATM lobby was crowded with people keeping warm there while they waited for the bus.
I hate you (okay, I strongly dislike you) Chase Manhattan Bank, especially for not being open at 8:30am or even 9am or even 9:30am. You are not a New York City public school, banks do not get a snow day! Ask the “angry” postal workers about it.
And then transferring me 3 times when I explained calmly what had happened with the final person adding that I was locked out of the ATM for 24 hours but “The bank is open, ma’am” over the phone when I had told you repeatedly that it wasn’t because I had been standing in front of it for an hour on the phone with you….!!!
And I told you that I had to keep walking out into the cold to give you my personal information so 15 people wouldn’t hear it in the lobby.
That I had sprained my ankle on the way to the bank.
That your service sucks.
That somehow because my account was the victim of identify theft, I had to open a new account which conveniently did not feature free checking (WAMU, I miss you!) and that we had to beg for free checks…which you then forgot to put my name on!
I wish this was a Purim spoof of my real life but it isn’t. I love my sister though, who–during the entire escapade–held my purse, my dry cleaning, my groceries and gave me an Icy Hot packet when I got home.
Points so far:
Chase: -1,000. You aren’t open but the pet store, PETLAND is?!
Sister: +1,000, 000
Purim: -10 ONLY chocolate hamataschen available at the bakery.

4 thoughts on “WAMU, I miss you. Chase sucks!

  1. Well shoot, all I'm making this year is chocolate filled!

    But seriously, why are you with a for-profit bank? Don't they have coops in NYC? We have 4 different credit unions here in town, and have our main accounts with one of them. Love them. Good service, great rates, all sorts of free everything, and local. Gotta love it.


  2. Oh okay. Makes much more sense now. I don't like the chocolate ones either. Funny that is what they had left! My favorite is prune. I know, I sound like grandma but damn, I LOVE prune hamentashen!


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