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What do the kids in Meah Shearim wear on Purim?

The Jews in Meah Shearim, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Israel, take religion very seriously…just not other people’s. Check out these adorable kiddies in matching Santa outfits.

Yeah, yeah, of course, I laughed (as did my sister) but I am not sending it to anyone who isn’t Jewish.

(I needed the laugh, too. I just sprained my ankle in the snowstorm! And I think I got snow UP my skirt!)

7 thoughts on “What do the kids in Meah Shearim wear on Purim?

  1. Where did you find this pic!?! I have been searching for some! My dad has a pic of an Ortho kid in Israel dressed as Santa on Purim from the (I would guess) 70's. I haven't been able to find one since!

    I find it so hilarious, especially since they are so anti-secular! Thanks for posting this!


  2. Hahaha the kids are adorable!

    I'm sorry about your ankle! I hate snow sometimes (fine, almost ALWAYS). I thought I was safe to walk across the frozen snow, but after about six steps the snow gave way and I found myself knee high in snow with a pound of snow in each boot. My feet were so cold that when I finally made it to the street I tore them off and scooped out the snow. People were watching but I really didn't want frostbite quite yet.

    Have a good shabbos and fantastic purim!


  3. Winter is hard on my fibromyalgia, rain is pretty impossible (not the case for everyone but very similar to some arthritis patients who complain about humidity and weather changes) and green stuff kills my allergy.

    But Tzipporah, at least in theory and after a good allergy shot, I would looove to see plum trees and stuff. Mostly, I want to do that “hills are alive” scene from the Sound of Music out loud in a giant field of green.

    Man, yello, good boots are so key. I waited til the first snowstorm and all the good ones were gone. I thought I got decent one but my toes got wet, my socks got ruined and my ankle got twisted so…!

    Once I got these lovely moon boots from Payless and they were incredible but because of my flat feet and orthotics, I have to put aside good money for decent shoes and plenty of time and patience to try on many, many, many at the shoe store. I know friends for whom shoe shopping is retail therapy, for me, it's hella stressful. I prefer book (window) shopping and making lists of all the books I want to read and want to buy.

    You guys have a great Shabbos and a great Purim, too! If you've got good photos from the latter, I want to see them! Not for the blog, just to smile. I've gotten some really nice photos from fans of their families doing past Purims.

    Thank you for taking time from preparations to make some kind and funny comments.


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