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Non-Jewish Latinas Rocking Head Scarves!

“ “Urban Outfitters Finds Frum Inspiration?” talks about how head scarves have suddenly gone hip, even hipster…and not just on the heads of Orthodox women. Now, this head scarf innovation isn’t new. I should note that I’ve seen many non-Jewish women, particularly black women, wrap their locks up in elaborate head scarves. Just walk around… Continue reading Non-Jewish Latinas Rocking Head Scarves!

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Another mini health update from Los Angeles or Oops, I fell off the planet AGAIN!

Before this painkiller runs out on me, I thought I’d squeeze in a blog post. Because of the immense facial pain and carpal tunnel pain, I’ve been unable to keep up with friends and readers alike. I’ve never felt so isolated, especially living away from home, from New York, for the first time in my… Continue reading Another mini health update from Los Angeles or Oops, I fell off the planet AGAIN!

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Mini Health Update from LA

Greetings! After nearly 8 months and thousands of dollars later, I have mostly recovered from the digestive crisis that made me balloon 20 lbs., put me in the emergency room several times with severe abdominal pain and routinely left me vomiting…among other things that would fall under the category of TMI (too much information). It… Continue reading Mini Health Update from LA