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Are you reading my husband’s blog?

Sorry, dear readers. I haven’t felt up to writing very much and I find, that amazingly, I have very little to say. My health keeps me much too preoccupied so aside from my little updates on books, articles, TV and film I’m keeping up with, I don’t have much going on. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but my wrists definitely aren’t complaining.

In the meantime, my husband has been writing up a storm over on his blog: “Musings of Rabbi Hausman”.

For this week’s parsha, he’s written: 24 Millions Israelis? -Parashat Bamidbar”.

And “Why Doesn’t Someone Write a Tzniut Book for Men?” sounds like something I would write, though not as well. 🙂 Sure to stir up some controversy and some conversation.

“The Conscience of Kosher: Baby Moses, Bugs, and an Eight Dollar a Plate Wedding” chronicles the foodie side of his recent trip to New York.

And unlike my blog, he deals with halakhic questions like “Must a Woman Cover Her Hair on Skype?” and in his search for affordable kosher grape juice, in several posts, including the following post, he discusses the cost (more expensive depending on where you live) of keeping kosher: “The Cost of Kosher: Rabbi Hausman becomes a Reporter…”

All his blogging is making me miss it even more so, my health permitting, look forward to some new blogs this summer! I hope I still remember how to write.

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