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Militant Dominican

Okay, so I’m Dominican but I think my husband is a militant Dominican. What do I mean? I think he’s about force fed everyone in the family some yucca and plantains this Pesach. And no, I didn’t cook any of it. He cooked the stuff himself. It’s all part of his make-sure-wife-doesn’t-starve-without-rice-and-beans plan.

Now, if I can just get childproof caps for my painkillers so I don’t have to worry about my six-year-old sister-in-law hiding chametz again in the midst of my pills next year, I think we’ll be just fine.

2 thoughts on “Militant Dominican

  1. Wow that sounds so tasty! I’d love to see some recipes. (Hint, hint)I saw your Twitter about the chametz your sister-in-law hid, but I don’t think you mentioned her age. That puts a whole new spin on things. 😉


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