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You have to choose!

Having a job where I have no face-to-face human contact means that I tend to over-share when I do. So it’s no surprise that when I went to the allergist today, I quickly started chatting it up with the secretaries. That’s how I roll.

“I’m going to be on TV on a Latino show!” I said to the secretaries.

“A Latino show?” said the Dominican secretary. “You’re not Latina anymore. You’re Jewish!”

The secular Jewish secretary agreed. “You have to pick one!”

“Yeah,” said the Dominican secretary. “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

Cake? Luckily, I had been in this situation many times before and even written articles about it.

“Yes, I can! I like my gefilte fish with rice and beans,” I said. “Gefilte fish is perfect with plantains!”

They stared at me blankly. “If you say so.”

I do!

4 thoughts on “You have to choose!

  1. doesn’t this go back to my interesting point on facebook about how Jews became white people in the U.S.? I think you should go investigative journalist on this one, since I’m not planning on writing a dissertation. Ask your husband if agrees with me.


  2. I remember being in a hotel in Israel and at the lunch buffet my older daughter loaded her plate with couscous, gefilte fish, spicy red fish, and some other things and I thought – everyone is spinning in their graves – the Polish and the Moroccans. Why choose? Of course you can have the best of all worlds!


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