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Jesus Who?

These comments on my guest post on the Frum Satire blog, “Living Life from Under My Jewfro”, caught my eye and I wanted to share them with you: (They have been slightly edited.)

Funny story #1:

“Hahahah, I get the Jesus question all the time!!!

I recently had a [conversation] with an Asian Christian friend of mine [who] refused to understand the concept that we [Jews] don’t believe in Jesus…. It went something like this:

Girl: So do Jewish people believe in Jesus?

Me: No, we don’t.

Girl: So what do you believe in then?

Me: G-d….

Girl: Oh. Well, do you believe in him being the Messiah?

Me: No, we don’t. But we believe the Messiah is coming soon.

Girl: Oh, so like another son of G-d?

Me: No, we don’t believe that G-d has human sons with a human woman. [The Messiah] is just going to be a messenger, as human as the rest of us.

Girl: So, it’s just like a second Jesus?

Me (as patiently as humanly possible at this point): No, we don’t think it is a second Jesus. It’s different. But he will be the Messiah.

Girl: So you believe it is just another Messiah. The second one, right?

Me: NO! One Messiah. He hasn’t come yet. We do not believe it was Jesus. [We do not believe Jesus] is the biological son of G-d.

It was a long day. Discussing religion with my Christian friends is like begging for a migraine.”

Here’s another funny story from “Bearded, JewFro’d Man”:

[Here is a] somewhat typical/somewhat odd conversation with an African American lady on the train yesterday – in Chicago (no, not all Jews live in New York City):

LADY: What nationality are you?

ME: Well, I’m American. But I’m guessing you are wondering if I am Jewish. But I that’s more of a religion than a nationality.

LADY: Yes, that is what I was wondering. Because you look Jewish. You just have that look about you. (She gestures her hand in a circle around her face.)

ME: Yeah, I get that a lot.

LADY: Wow, so you are Jewish. That is sooo cool. (She has a huge smile on her face.)

ME: Really? How so?

LADY: Because you are from the Chosen People. That’s what we believe in my church. You and your people are so special.

ME: Gee…well, thank you. You are pretty special, too.

Then the conductor came around and asked for everyone’s fare because this was not a regular train, but the kind that goes from the city out to the burbs.

LADY (to the conductor): Stamp mine twice please. (And she points to me.)

Moral: Sometimes it pays to “look Jewish.”

Thank you to “Oy Vey” and “Bearded JewFro’d Man” (pseudonyms, duh) for letting me post this on my blog!

One thought on “Jesus Who?

  1. On the other hand, I had a friend who I was talking to back when I started my conversion. I explained to her that I wanted to convert because J was supposed to be Gd as a human. She was like, “really? I never realized I just thought he was Gd's son.” I pointed out, “think about it: part Gd, part human.”

    “Wow, but I don't want to be Jewish it's too much work.”

    ME: “We don't go around trying to sucker people into our religion.”


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