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Religion on TV: Hot stuff!

@almostjewish on Twitter says: “Caprica” is *totally* hot. Serious religious thinking + hard sci fi = Where have you been all my life? Caprica is a spin-off of Battlestar Galactica set way before the Cylons, humanoid machines, attempt to anniliate all of humanity by causing a nuclear holocaust. In this Caprica, the first Cylon has… Continue reading Religion on TV: Hot stuff!

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Oops, Sensitivity Fail

Obviously, becoming an Orthodox Jew has made me more sensitive to things. Because of my IBS, I was already careful about what I ate but now I have to also make sure every restaurant I eat in has proper kashrut (kosher) certification and everything I buy at the store has a proper hecksher (kosher seal… Continue reading Oops, Sensitivity Fail

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Did Jesus, the Messiah, exist or not? WHAT!

¿Existió o no Jesús, el Mesías? Did Jesus, the Messiah, exist or not? Tras hacerse esa pregunta, cientos de cristianos colombianos se han convertido al judaísmo. Noticias Caracol devela el misterio de estos conversos que llevan la kipá y el talit. Algunos, incluso, sugieren que son descendientes de los llamados ‘marranos’, a los que la… Continue reading Did Jesus, the Messiah, exist or not? WHAT!

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Don’t get brainwashed!

I told a friend who is in the conversion process that I still read stuff like the Sookie Stackhouse series and watch stuff like the show True Blood (though I wish they’d move it to the USA cable network so they could “clean it up” like they did with syndicated episodes of Sex and the… Continue reading Don’t get brainwashed!

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Er, Christmas time for the Jews?! Oh my! Saturday Night Live always manages to be funny (okay, only sometimes), weird and disturbing all rolled into one. And they’ve done it again with “Christmas Time for the Jews song.”

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Black Friday Withdrawal

I’ve only ever been inside a store (Macy’s) on Black Friday once and that was enough to terrify me for life. I won’t set foot inside any store on Black Friday these days. I don’t care what’s on sale. I will pay extra just so I don’t want to get trampled. But this year, I… Continue reading Black Friday Withdrawal

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Tyra Talks…Family Purity?!

No, joke, Mrs. Faya Lipskier of Chabad West 60s Manhattan appears on the Tyra Banks Show to speak about the Laws of Family Purity! Just click on the “photo” on that link if you have a PC. If you’re on a Mac, you’re out of luck. Okay, when I tell people even vaguely about the… Continue reading Tyra Talks…Family Purity?!

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Being Jewish & Asian isn’t a joke…duh!

When I made a comment about how cool it is that “Glee” might have a Jewish Asian character (aptly named Tina Cohen-Chang), everyone in the room [all white Jews] made a face like someone had passed gas. Funny until that comment, they were smiling or at least calm while I described how “Glee” put on… Continue reading Being Jewish & Asian isn’t a joke…duh!

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Twilight Parody In this parody of the film, Twilight, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer, you’re green, you have bolts in your neck, you’re…!!!

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Asian Stereotypes Exist….

Hey, while the most common Asian stereotype we hear about Asians is “Asians are smart!,” there are broader and more worrisome Asian stereotypes. My best friends in college were mostly Asian. Troubling to me was the fact that when two or more of then joined me in a class, the teachers seemed unable to tell… Continue reading Asian Stereotypes Exist….