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Tyra Talks…Family Purity?!

No, joke, Mrs. Faya Lipskier of Chabad West 60s Manhattan appears on the Tyra Banks Show to speak about the Laws of Family Purity! Just click on the “photo” on that link if you have a PC. If you’re on a Mac, you’re out of luck.

Okay, when I tell people even vaguely about the laws of family purity, they usually make the “Are you crazy?” face or make the usual “Gosh, there are so many rules in your religion!” remark. I clearly must not be doing it right. I was impressed by the incredible detail Mrs. Faya Lipskier used and Tyra’s great response.

Want to read more about mikvah stuff, check out

4 thoughts on “Tyra Talks…Family Purity?!

  1. Hey Aliza! Thanks for posting my clip and so nicely and positively… Which was my goal. You're the best!

    Miss S. I totally hear you. Not all mikvaot are as stunning as the ones on the West and East side of Manhattan but for so many women even without that physical spa experience, just the concept of prioritizing getting out of the house, having some alone time, soaking in the tub, shaving, and of course the time to focus inward and be spiritual is highly spa-like.

    Aliza one day I'll blog about how I ended up on the Tyra show and my whole experience there. T'was quite a saga!

    Faya Lipskier

    P.S. Re the massages.. I have this whole dream of a “MikSpa”… one day we will make it happen hon


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