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Oops, Sensitivity Fail

Obviously, becoming an Orthodox Jew has made me more sensitive to things.

Because of my IBS, I was already careful about what I ate but now I have to also make sure every restaurant I eat in has proper kashrut (kosher) certification and everything I buy at the store has a proper hecksher (kosher seal of approval!).
I find that I also have an especially low tolerance for watching (formerly beloved) female singers gyrate and pole dance in all their music videos. Part of me goes “put some clothes on!” and the other thinks “wait, huh, how does she do that?”
When I see people of the opposite sex touch on-screen even casually, I notice it. My mother had already trained me to cover my eyes as a kid for “sex scenes” but now I don’t even want to be in the room. Honestly, I would like it if I could get a “clean” version of HBO and Showtime shows. Right now, I just fast-forward.
When I watch people eat on-screen, I say all the blessings in my head for the food they are eating.

But imagine my surprise when I gave a married Orthodox Jewish friend a yoga video I love, “AM and PM Yoga” and she told me it was hard to watch.
The guy (Rodney Yee) is wearing a speedo and nothing else!
Oops, my bad. I hadn’t really noticed….
Scroll to 14:20 and you see what made my friend uncomfortable.

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