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Oh the places we will go!

Sometimes, every once in a while, I get this heady sense of how far I’ve come in the last few years. Five years ago, I couldn’t have told you the difference between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, forget the differences between Haredi, Centrist Orthodox, Modern Orthodox or even Open Orthodoxy. Okay, so I cheated and looked… Continue reading Oh the places we will go!

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Was it worth it?

With “Worth it? Really?” Blogger MaNishtana responds to the hateful comments posted in response to my interview in the latest issue of The Jewish Press. Honestly, the whole thing just makes my heart hurt. It’s truly unfortunate what some confused, misinformed individuals believe I stand for (I have never pretended to represent anyone but myself)… Continue reading Was it worth it?

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Missing you!

Wheew, I miss you guys. I hope you miss me! I have all these writing ideas rolling around in my head and no one to share them with. Not ready to make my comeback though but living life temporarily unplugged is interesting. Still doing a terrible job of juggling what I should be doing for… Continue reading Missing you!

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Cold Turkey

I know I keep saying I’m going on hiatus, I’m taking a break but something happens and I get sucked back in. I can’t seem to help myself. Literally, can’t seem to HELP myself. When I went on disability in 2006, I told myself I was going to work on my health. Instead, I became… Continue reading Cold Turkey

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My Judaism…

My friend and fellow blogger Hadassah of In the Pink asked me to post this…… “We have an occasional feature on my blog called My Judaism. Readers submit pieces of prose that talk about the reader’s own personal Judaism. What Judaism means to them, what their spiritual journey has been, thoughts and feelings about belonging… Continue reading My Judaism…

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What’s your favorite article?

Hey, this year I’m hoping that one of my published articles from 2009 will win the 2009 Be’chol Lashon Media Awards “for excellence in reporting on global Judaism.” So which was your favorite article? #1: 10 Questions with Author Ernest Adams ( Up close and personal with author Ernest H. Adams about his memoir, “From… Continue reading What’s your favorite article?

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Hope you had a happy Jewloween.

In his latest YouTube video, blogger MaNishtana explains “Jewloween” aka Purim and I even make a cameo! Related: David Suissa on why America loves Jews…especially the comedians”.

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There is such a thing as too open

I’ve always been a very open, outgoing person. In so many ways, this has led me to connect deeply to so many people. I think people are often surprised by how much they’re willing to share with me, even readers who feel that I have already shared so much with them. Early on, I made… Continue reading There is such a thing as too open

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Happy I’m Not Writing?

Last week when I posted I was going on hiatus indefinitely, I was surprised by the countless emails I received from readers who just wanted to make sure I was okay. I was just having a rough week physically and stress-wise and I needed a break. Nothing major. But when I spoke to a friend… Continue reading Happy I’m Not Writing?

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"Do You" and Stuff-Part 2

Whoa. Six more months until my husband becomes a rabbi and I need to take off those training wheels (from my new Rebbetzin-in-training wheels title). I don’t know how much or in what capacity I will be able to help out at my husband’s shul but I know that I would love to make synagogue… Continue reading "Do You" and Stuff-Part 2