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Happy I’m Not Writing?

Last week when I posted I was going on hiatus indefinitely, I was surprised by the countless emails I received from readers who just wanted to make sure I was okay. I was just having a rough week physically and stress-wise and I needed a break. Nothing major.

But when I spoke to a friend about my hiatus, he mentioned that he was glad because now he could speak freely without worrying about ending up on my blog. Well, so much for that.
Even though I go to great lengths to protect many of my friends and family on the blog, I know it’s hard for some of them to read about themselves even when they understand that no one knows the story I’m writing is about them specifically. Unfortunately, when you blog about your life, friends and family become characters in the stories you tell.
There are days I wish I had stayed anonymous and other days when I wonder if I should/can/want to keep doing this but what keeps me going is those fans who checked in on me and the people who tell me that I’m not only brave for sharing my story but that reading mine makes them feel like part of theirs is being told, too.

2 thoughts on “Happy I’m Not Writing?

  1. Aliza
    Tienes que hacer lo que es mejor para ti y tu familia. Éso es lo mas importante. Por mi parte, me gusta mucho el blog y la información y los comentarios me ayudan mucho. Di-s te bendiga.


  2. Tried to leave this as a comment. Don't have google account.

    Anna Quindlen's husband once asked her, “Can't I even get a beer from the fridge w/o you writing about it?” It's a fine line to walk — how deeply do you draw from the well when the source of all your material is your life and those around you. The deeper the well the sweeter the water. (Although sometimes the more irritated folks get.) Glad you're doing OK.

    Take care,



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